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Date: Mon Mar 8 09:47:57 2004

Hmmmm, thats interesting... I wonder if that's why sites like
marketplace.vintage.org specifically for vintage computers and
www.bidiots.com for videogames have appeared on the scene and as time
has gone by their usage is slowly and steadily increasing.

Perhaps ebay's "does it all" model is finally weighing too heavy on them
and its sites like VCM, Bidiots and I assume there must be others with
their niche-angle are in a very good position to give consumers looking
for a specific genre of items to have a specific shopping place for such

I know I've read people say "I'm not going to use more then 1 site for
shopping..." but quite honestly Ebay's searching system is not perfect
and I know there have been many times I've missed out on something I
wanted or could've used... I think knowing that if I go to VCM to
search for DEC related items I will find nothing but those when I do a
search instead of also getting results that are just DEC and Qbus cards
I'll see Deck Repair Kits, Deck of Cards, Route Q Bus maps and other

Same applies for when I search for videogames, when I go to look up
Atari Jaguar items I don't want to pull up Jaguar XJ6 engine parts,
Jaguar Jungle photo's and other nonsense that has nothing to do with
videogame related items, so I would much rather go to a site that caters
specifically to a category of items I am looking for.

I've tried bidville and yahoo auctions and they are too generalized and
just don't seem to have whats needed to go toe to toe with EBay, but I
think these niche sites are what are going to make a major dent in EBay
and will be successful models for buying/selling in the future.


Marvin Johnston wrote:

>I just read some statistics about the change in direction that Ebay
>is taking. From AuctionBytes-Update Number 114 - March 7, 2004 -
>ISSN 1528-6703:
>"Collectibles comprised 60 percent of the total value of goods sold on
>eBay in 1999. In 2003, collectibles comprised just 13 percent of gross
>merchandise sales.
>Each year, selling on eBay becomes more challenging. If you have a
>rare and unique item, you'll get a very good price on eBay. Otherwise,
>in many categories, competition is tough."

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