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> Hmmmm, thats interesting... I wonder if that's why sites like
> marketplace.vintage.org specifically for vintage computers and
> www.bidiots.com for videogames have appeared on the scene and as time
> has gone by their usage is slowly and steadily increasing.
To be honest, I rarely bother with Ebay. OTOH, Ebay does have its uses - I
bought a USB to RS232 converter cable off Ebay for ?13 (about $20) that was
listed in various computer component catalogues for upwards of ?30 (about
I've been thinking about getting one of those nice little VT520 amberscreen
DEC terminals that have been popping up on VCM. Only problem is, I bet
they're incredibly heavy and thus very expensive to send transatlantic. That
and I doubt the power supply would appreciate getting over twice the rated
voltage pushed into the input - natch.

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