From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Mon Mar 8 17:31:26 2004

> The Ebay search engine is a bad joke. One of the searches I used to use
> was:
> (s-100,altair,imsai) -canon -samsung -minolta

Now, generally I don't have too many complaints against Ebay. I think it
works fairly well*. However, I must agree with their search engine. It
sucks. After finely tuning my searches (a hard thing to do, by the way,
as the keyword spammers are a problem) and getting things working well,
one day everything stopped working the way I wanted it to. In some case
the searches could not find anything, while others overloaded the engine.
I changed nothing. Nothing for months. I complained, and being an evil
Powerseller, I would get fairly quick, personal responses from the tech
support folks. They insisted that nothing changed on their end. They even
gave me a few examples to work with - and they did not even work the way
they should! So now, after fine tuning everything all over again, I still
have to wade thru tons of crap to see what I want to see. This may be one
of the reasons why I don't bid much anymore.

* Note to the flamers - I will NOT respond to anything. Don't bother.

William Donzelli
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