Cray J916 at a surplus sale: now $501

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Mon Mar 8 18:56:39 2004

Brian Mahoney wrote:

> You should check out the rest of the stuff at this auction. Some very silly
> stuff but some really cool stuff too. Right now I am looking at an Edison
> Lamp Works 'Foot Candle Meter'. It's sitting at $2.50.
> I'm suprised at the Cray listing which has such small and hard-to-decipher
> pictures. I would bet that this could be picked up for a reasonable price
> since it is not at the 'other' auction site. Seems there is only one bid on
> it now so if anyone near Madison it might be a good snag, whether you can
> ever run it or not.

But in two days the bidding I expect will go up. I just hope it don't go
to some guy that chops it up to sell bits and pieces on e-bay.
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