R80/RA81 diagnostic experience?

From: Brad Parker <brad_at_heeltoe.com>
Date: Mon Mar 8 19:50:22 2004

>Tony Duell wrote:
>>IIRC there's a microswitch which detects that the tensioner lever is in
>>the 'tensioned' position, but nothing more. Of course the drive does
>>check that the spindle is rotating at the right speed when it's spun up.

I pulled the HDA - the belt tension switch was fine.

I found, however, the electric brake was *extremely* tight. So much
friction that I doubt very much the motor could spin at all. I removed
it (I'll sand down the 'brake pad' later).

Hoping for a small miracle I fired it back up but still no joy - the
motor (now free) refused to spin up.

[a side note: the unit does not seem to reset no power up - it comes up
with all lights on until I click the reset manually. sometime tells me
this is a symptom]

I need some prints so I can trace the motor power back to the micro...

Any have prints for an R80 (or RA80/RB80/RM80). Or an RA81? I suspect
they are similar in terms of motor drive...

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