From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 10:47:37 2004

Hello Jaume,

Let me try to answer you on this. I suspect that you have a variety of
GRiDCase. Those are the ones that I am familiar with that have ROM
sockets. If you have the ISA bus slot, it sounds like you are talking
about the one that has a chassis that attaches to the bottom of the
computer itself. Maybe the 1535?

If I am correct in the above, then the EPROM that goes into the sockets
are a special format. You can create your own with software that is on
the Yahoo site for Grid computers. It is a discussion forum for Grid
systems and I have sent up the software to that forum for creating
images of ROMs that work on the 1535 among others.

I hope I am being clear. I'm not sure I can locate that software
myself, but it is in that forum. You can create a ROM that allows the
computer to boot from or put just any files into the ROM that fits.

If you have more detailed questions, ask here and I'll try to answer.

Dave Mabry

jaume de la vega wrote:
> hi, you don?t know me, but in a internet searching i found a thread
> of a forum relating the EPROM problems in a gridcase computer, i have
> a grid with the brand "philips pc200" ??, but this is a grid,
> concretely the model with isa bus, i found than the four rom sockets
> back a soft plastic panel are empty and when i plug it on the only
> thing it does is show-me a "disk boot error" message, please if you
> can send me the eprom image files to be able to restore it.

Dave Mabry   
Dossin Museum Underwater Research Team
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