A good day at the Auction.

From: Tom Ponsford <tponsford_at_theriver.com>
Date: Tue Mar 9 20:26:40 2004

Hi All,

Well it was a good day for classic stuff at the U of A auction today.
For a whopping $2.50 i got:

A HP 9000 200 (double stack), have not looked inside yet. powers on but I need
to make a cable for a serial console.
A HP 7673 Controller! Whatever that is (same kind of case as the 9000 200)
A HP external storage case w/HDD a floppy with HP1B connector
A HP 9000 Apollo series 400, boots fine but has no HDD.

AND a box of around hundred and fifty 5 1/4 floppies that included:

1 complete set of AT&T Unix PC V.3.0 (32 disks) and probably 3-4 more "broken"
sets that are missing a few disks.

I wanna kick myself for passing on the AT&T 7300 in pristine condition about
two months ago for about $5.00 concluding I'd never find the Unix to go with it.

Go figure.


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