VAXStation disk question

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Tue Mar 9 23:06:12 2004

> Getting it home and hooked up, it goes thru the usual VAXStation boot
>sequence ending in the >>> chevron prompt.
> Attempting to boot, >>> b (ret)
> produces a 1 minute wait and returns
> PC=00000C66
>the first time after power-up and
>84 FAIL

Not a real guru, but: you might try SHO DEV at the chevron. My
4000VLC could be set to boot from a device (like the ethernet) that's
not working, and I'm not so sure it would necessarily spin the hard
drive if it wasn't trying to boot from it. SHO DEV seems to do that,
though, as well as telling whether the drive electronics are
correctly describing it over the SCSI cable, SCSI is working, etc.

Is that available on a 3100? Gurus? Anyone there?

					- Mark
			210-522-6025, page 888-733-0967
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