VAX won't recognize TQK70

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 18:49:03 2004

>"R. D. Davis" wrote:

> After attaching an external power supply to my TK70 (since I don't
> have the sled with connectors to the VAX's power supply, and didn't
> know where to solder power cables to from inside the empty bay), and
> installing the TQK70 into a Qbus slot, I can't get the system to even
> recognize the TQK70. Nothing lights up on thee TK70, although both
> LEDs on the TQK70 are lit. The cable is connected the right way.
> The CSR on the TQK70 is set to 774500, and the jumpers are connecting
> the bottom two of the three rows of pins on the drive-select jumpers.
> I've tried inserting the TQK70 into various slots (including upper and
> lower, since I understand that grant continuation follows a serpentine
> pattern.
> When I do a show qbus command, the TQK70 doesn't show up:

Jerome Fine replies:

I had a similar problem with both the TK50 and a TK70
drives on a PDP-11/83 system. Initially, I also used an
external power supply. After I switched back to the
internal power supply, everything worked correctly.

It should not be too difficult to take a tap off the power
for a hard drive and split it for the TK70. I suggest you
try that next. For some reason, the TK70 is especially
sensitive to where the power is coming from.

I power all of my disk drives on the PDP-11/83 from
external (PC) power supplies and NEVER have a problem,
so I did not anticipate a problem with the TK70 drive.
Using the internal power from the VAX may solve your

Please let us know if it does!!

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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