monitor with screwed colour in bottom-right of screen

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Date: Fri Mar 12 09:11:21 2004

>> I've just been given a nice Iiyama 21" screen for free which
>> seems to run quite happily, with the exception that the
>> colours are screwed in the bottom-right inch or so of the
>> display; the same sort of effect that would be achieved by
>> holding a big magnet in that corner of the screen.

No problem, the shadow mask inside the CRT is magnetized. Using a Weller
soldering gun, just pull the trigger and hold the Weller sideways to the
screen and move around in the area of the funny colors, and then pull the
Wellwr away from the screen while still squeezing the trigger. That
should cure the problem.

You might listen and determine if the auto-degauss circuitry is working.
You should here a strange thump/thud when you first turn on the monitor --
if not the degausssing coil isn't working right. There is a
thermistor/varistor that when cold puts 110v AC into a coil of wire around
the CRT. This is a very common failure in both monitors and television

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO
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