monitor with screwed colour in bottom-right of screen

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Date: Fri Mar 12 06:35:41 2004

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> Subject: monitor with screwed colour in bottom-right of screen
> posted to, but some of you guys might
> be able to help too...
> I've just been given a nice Iiyama 21" screen for free which
> seems to run quite happily, with the exception that the
> colours are screwed in the bottom-right inch or so of the
> display; the same sort of effect that would be achieved by
> holding a big magnet in that corner of the screen.

I had the same problem with a 21" Digital job I rescued from Compaq since it
was on its way to the dumpster. I lived with it for a while until I
discovered the 'advanced' settings on the OSD, followed by something called
'purity' that directly affected the colours on the diagonals of the tube.
Assuming that the Iiyama is a Trinitron tube like the DEC one you might have
a similar setting.

Later it started flickering and dimming, but that's another story :)


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