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Date: Fri Mar 12 09:30:23 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> I've been thinking about getting one of those nice little VT520 amberscreen
> DEC terminals that have been popping up on VCM. Only problem is, I bet
> they're incredibly heavy and thus very expensive to send transatlantic. That
> and I doubt the power supply would appreciate getting over twice the rated
> voltage pushed into the input - natch.

Hi Philip.

As I mentioned to you in private e-mail, the DEC VT-520 is not terribly
heavy--24lbs. Still, it would cost US$56 to ship to the UK. All other
options (Fedex, DHL) are unfathomably expensive.

The VT520 power supply is universal: it can accept 110-240 (no switching
required; internal regulation).

My problem now is I've run out of keyboards. I got in about 20 of these
terminals but only 7 LK461 keyboards. These have PS/2 style connectors.
I can plug a standard PC keyboard into them and the basic keys seem to
work, but the function key mapping is different, as when I press F3, which
should take me into the Setup screens with an LK461 keyboard, has no
effect with a PC keyboard.

Has anyone got a bunch of LK461 or equivalent keyboards for sale or trade?
I have a bunch of LK201 keyboards I can spare. Alas, these won't work
with the VT520 (RJ22 telephone handset style jack).

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