HP gear available for trade

From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Sun Mar 14 07:45:53 2004

Ok, is is practical to get a 13037 and drive from you to me up here in MA?

Jay West wrote:

>I have nine 13037 controller boxes. These are the rackmount controllers that
>are necessary to use 7905/7906, and 7920 drives. They MAY be used for 7925's
>too, I forget, I can look up the 7925 info if need be. Each 13037 controller
>box can support up to 8 drives and 2 cpu's.
>These boxes each contain the microprocessor, error control, and device
>control PCA's. All have been tested thoroughly (as of tonight) with 7906
>drives and burned in with diags - they are known to be completely
>functional. They have not been thoroughly cleaned and do need that, but
>since I want to get rid of them I didn't address cosmetics.
>I will be keeping 3 of the units for myself for sure (and two HP-IB option
>boards!). If the remaining 6 are not all claimed, I'll scavenge one of them
>for a spare set of boards, power supply, etc. and pitch the shell. With each
>13037 box I will include either an original manual, or a copy (depending on
>how many duplicates I have) upon request. No cables will be included, but
>the cables will be available with the 7906 drives (see below). I am guessing
>the 13037 controller box weighs around 35 pounds.
>In a few weeks I will be offering some (about 7) 7906 drives as well. I
>guess if anyone wants a drive and controller, I will wait and ship both
>together. Any drives I offer will be tested and known working too. All
>depends on how many of them I can get working. Let me know if you want one,
>I'm starting the official list :) Expect hefty shipping charges, 7906's are
>quite a bit heavier than RL02's!
>Jay West
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