another HP item available calculator/computer/disc?

From: Jay West <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 09:58:09 2004

I have an HP 98041A disc interface available.

This is a desktop type box that has a cable and big module that plugs into
some kind of HP 98xx calculator/computer. The box has an HP-IB port on the

As best I can tell, this box plugs into the HP-IB port of large old 14" HP
drives like the 7906H, or, in the configuration I received it, the box plugs
into the HP-IB port of an HP-IB optioned 13037 controller. This would allow
the calculator to use non-HP-IB drives such as the 7905, 7906A-D, and 7920.
This particular one was hooked up to the HP-IB port on a 13037 running to a
7906D drive.

I have no need for this, it's available for trade. I have no way to test it,
but based on the things I received in this load, I would hazard a guess that
it probably does work.

Jay West
Received on Sun Mar 14 2004 - 09:58:09 GMT

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