another HP item available calculator/computer/disc?

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 10:29:25 2004

hmmm...... write a driver for the hp 150 and use it to blow platter data
to 3.5 inch discs......
not my idea of self abuse... but might be an interesting way to recover
some data files....
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From: "Jay West" <>
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Subject: another HP item available calculator/computer/disc?

> I have an HP 98041A disc interface available.
> This is a desktop type box that has a cable and big module that plugs into
> some kind of HP 98xx calculator/computer. The box has an HP-IB port on the
> back.
> As best I can tell, this box plugs into the HP-IB port of large old 14" HP
> drives like the 7906H, or, in the configuration I received it, the box
> into the HP-IB port of an HP-IB optioned 13037 controller. This would
> the calculator to use non-HP-IB drives such as the 7905, 7906A-D, and
> This particular one was hooked up to the HP-IB port on a 13037 running to
> 7906D drive.
> I have no need for this, it's available for trade. I have no way to test
> but based on the things I received in this load, I would hazard a guess
> it probably does work.
> Jay West
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