Apple Lisa Schematics or Parts Wtd

From: David Williams <>
Date: Sun Mar 14 18:02:39 2004

> On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, David Williams wrote:
> > Anybody got a set of schematics for an Apple Lisa IO board? Must be the
> > eariler 2/5 version (Part No. 620-0117) Had a look on the net but can
> > find diagrams for the later 2/10 board.

Hi Folks!

Thanks for all the replies :)
Will probably buy one of those IO boards from John Woodall. However, before
I do, I'd like to confirm that its the IO board that's duff on this machine.
Anybody got access to a Lisa who could tell me what it does when powered up
with out the IO board installed?

This Lisa with the board installed powers up to a black screen with
occasional random white pixels. kind of like a snow effect. No beeps or
other signs of activity.
With the board removed, I get a grey screen with white menu bar. '3A' is
displayed in the top right corner. This appears for about 1 sec then the
machine appears to reset, displaying garbage. The cycle then repeats

I'm pretty sure its the IO board at fault as the battery had leaked.
However, if anybody can confirm that the above is supposed to happen with
the IO board removed, it will make me feel a lot happier before I start
throwing money at this thing :)

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