VCF East 2.0 is ON!

From: Mike Ross <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 12:33:56 2004

>Ok, finally got confirmation so I can make this preliminary announcement.
>VCF East 2.0 will be held either June 25-26 or July 16-17 at Sun
>Microsystems's Burlington, Massachusetts, campus. Note: these dates are
>FRIDAY and SATURDAY. A break from the traditional VCF weekend but one
>that was necessitated by matters outside my control. At any rate, you
>take a day off work and have all day Sunday to relax.

Excellent! Shame it isn't nearer NY, but still...

>The event is being completely sponsored by Sun and will feature several
>talks from Sun employees on various aspects of Sun's history. This event
>is likely to be BIG. Possibly rivalling the main VCF in Sillycon Valley.

Reinforce the floors, Sellam - the Corestore is coming! :-)


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