Setting a DECserver free

From: Dan Williams <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 17:13:23 2004

meltie wrote:

>Hey Guys
>I've got a few DEChub90s - sweet things they are too. However, I don't wnt
>the bulk of them at the moment until we move to the New House.
>I'd like to run one of the modules - a DECserver90TL, not that it matters
>really which module it is - standalone.
>There's the largeish 16x3 rectangular backplane connector, and a smaller
>DIN-ish port. Where does the PSU connect on models that were born to be
Bad news it's the din connector, I 've got one of these as well, but I
can't put up with the noise from the dechub to run it.

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