Setting a DECserver free

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 17:49:24 2004

> Bad news it's the din connector, I 've got one of these as
> well, but I
> can't put up with the noise from the dechub to run it.

If the dnpg website is still up, it used to have a list
of which hub90 modules worked with which of the two
PSU variants. So if you are looking for a suitable
PSU, the actual model *does* matter.

I think the plastic "backplate" that you shove on the
back of a standalone unit to protect the hub90 connector
is common to all hub90 units.

With DEChub900 units (the bigger ones) you actually need
a "plug-in" style of PSU (hard to describe but it fits
along the back end of the whole unit). You'll be happy
to know that there are at least two of these two :-)
The later one has enough oomph to power the AUI
connector too :-)

Antonio Carlini   
Received on Tue Mar 16 2004 - 17:49:24 GMT

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