IBM 5110 (was: Searching for IBM System/7 items)

From: Christian Corti <>
Date: Wed Mar 17 03:39:37 2004

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Stegeman, Henk HJ SITI-ITPSNE wrote:
> Henk Stegeman
> IBM S/7 restorer.

And don't forget the IBM 5110 you have, too. I think this is a machine
worth to be discussed on this list. Anyone who is interested in the IBM
5110 may have a look at:
(Translation into English may not be perfect).

I do have a 5110 C14 with 5114 and 5103 as well as a 5110 B22. Our museum
has a 5100 (upgraded to a 5110 by IBM), a 5110 C14 and a 5120. I have
reverse-engineered the complete machine instruction set and I am trying to
document the machine as detailed as possible.

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