OT: Windows profanity

From: Cini, Richard <RCini_at_congressfinancial.com>
Date: Thu Mar 18 10:08:16 2004

While I didn't find the nice tidy listing of all of the profanity in the
Windows source code as I remembered it, I did find this site:


        that has the complete grep listings. Based on the file sizes,
"bugbug", "stole" and "sh~t" are the biggest offenders, followed by "ugly",
"sucks", "kludge" and "death".


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On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, Doc Shipley wrote:

> Just as a comparative data point - when Australia passed its blue
> laws, there were some concerns as to whether the Linux source would
> pass scrutiny. The "F Word" appears very frequently in the comments.
Yeah, I remember most of my code told tales of evil hardware
bugs in the comments... :)


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