I saw Sellam on TechTV

From: John Boffemmyer IV <john_boffemmyer_iv_at_boff-net.dhs.org>
Date: Thu Mar 18 08:18:49 2004

Correction from last post. It was Megan Morrone with Morgan and Jessica
Lane had also attacked a PC.

-John Boffemmyer IV

PS: Those bastards are too ignorant for their own good; attacking poor
hapless computers they don't understand... heh. At least they also make fun
of Dell and "Steve" and handhelds with Mike Daisey's "Panda."

At 10:37 PM 3/17/2004, you wrote:
> > > Yep, I'm ripping the core out and framing it for hanging.
>I was looking for the disclaimer in the fine print after the show, that "No
>computers were harmed in the production of this film".

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