KA620 (was Opening a VAX2000)

From: Brian Chase <vaxzilla_at_jarai.org>
Date: Fri Mar 19 08:08:14 2004

On Fri, 19 Mar 2004, der Mouse wrote:

> >> A KA620 is the same as a KA630 except that the P0 and P1 page tables
> >> are looked up in physical memory rather than system virtual memory.
> > Ahh, I've heard of such a beast called rtVAX. It's mentioned in VARM
> > 2nd ed. So rtVAX and KA620 are the same thing, right?
> Possibly - or perhaps a KA620 is one example of an rtVAX, much as a
> KA630 is an example of a VAX. I have never heard of an rtVAX except in
> passing email references like this, so I cannot speak with any
> authority to what such a thing is or isn't.
> My VARM is "Revision 6.1" and is not obviously marked with an edition
> number. I don't recall seeing an rtVAX mentioned in it, and the index
> does not list anything beginning with rt-.

The 2nd Ed VARM has a section on rtVAX memory management, 11.2.3 on pgs
422-424. I don't yet see any other mentions of it the book to indicate
whether it actually is designated as the KA620.

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