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From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Fri Mar 19 17:03:42 2004

> > don't need anymore, cleans it up, and sells it for a profit. Everything
> > from rice cookers to washing machines to skis to console games are bought
> > and sold in Japan's new retail underground. The most successful of these is
> > BookOff, a chain of used book stores that has 700 locations in Japan.
> > BookOff has been expanding into other areas too, with ToyOff (they sell
> > "almost new" children's toys) and HouseOff (used goods for your home),
> > PetOff (used things for your pet), and the very oddly named HardOff (used
> > computer hardware and electronics)."
> There's also JackOff selling used car jacks, WackOff sell used LARTs, and
> FuckOff selling, well, second-hand blow-up dolls. That particular chain
> is running in the red however.
You forgot LiftOff, the used Brassiere emporium and RunOff the discount
laxative store.

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