IMSAI / SOL-20 / Northstar + much other for sale

From: J.C. Wren <>
Date: Fri Mar 19 17:08:20 2004

    I'm cleaning out my warehouse. The wife and I are tired of living
on the houseboat, and are converting everything to cash. To that end,
I'm offering all my vintage computer gear in a single block sale. If
you want more detail on a specific item, email me. Most of this gear
hasn't been powered up in some time, although all the stuff I originally
owned was shut down in working condition. The other gear has never been
powered up by me, but the original owners all swear it was working when
they decommissioned it. Take that at whatever value you will. Entire
lot for $5000, you pick it up.

    The list (to the best of my knowledge)

    IMSAI, 22 slot, front panel.
        8mhz Northstar Z80 CPU card
        64K static RAM card
        Tarbell DSDD disk controller
        4 port serial card
        256K dynamic RAM disk
        2 Qume Datatrak-8s in separate enclose with PS
        Metric buttload of software

       This was my baby for the longest time. I learned C, Pascal,
assembler, PL/M, PL/1 and a few other languages on this thing. Was
running fine when it was shut down. Lots of documentation, original
CP/M 2.2 manuals, etc. It's been a good while since it was powered up,
and frankly, I'm a little paranoid about hurting it. I don't have the
time or equipment to condition the caps. The diskettes have been in
storage, in sleeve, in their original Maxell hard boxes, in another
box. I'd hope they'd still be readable. I've heard different stories
about coervicity loss.

       I believe there is a card in the card slot, but not sure. This
was given to me by a friend. It's in excellent condition. There may be
one key that's stuck, I don't remember. I've never fired it up.
There's a 9" B&W monitor that goes with it.

       CPU, RAM, disk controller, some other cards. Recently acquired.
I've never powered this one up. NO COVER! Single 5.25" drive, density
not known. I don't have any software for this machine. There may be a
notebook of docs for it. Looks a little rough, maybe a good cleaning
will help.

    Zenith Z-100
       I think that's the model number. Integrated display, keyboard,
disk. Single 5.25" disk, density unknown. Outside of case grubby, will
probably clean up nicely. Inside is very clean. Recently acquired,
never powered up by me.

    Altair 8800
       16 slots (4 x 4 card boards), NO ALTAIR CASE. Several cards in
the chassis, several say Altair. Recently acquired, never powered up by
me. Homebrew front panel, PS.

    Generic S-100 system
       12 or 16 slots, large power supply, 6 or 7 cards in the system.
No idea on this one. Recently acquired, never powered up.

    14 or 16 S-100 cards.
       Cromemco Dazzler, bunch of Econoram cards, some ones I don't
recognize. There's docs in some of the note books that may be applicable.

    2 Apple IIes, 1 Apple II(something, 'c', maybe?)
       At least two are in near pristine shape, two still in original
boxes, I think. I know one is. I think there might be a fourth Apple
in there somewhere. Also at least 1 dual 3.5" drive, 4 or 6 5.25" Disk
IIs. Original Apple green monitor, may be flakey (didn't look right,
but it was running on a generator at the time). Powered up recently.

    2 Otrona Attaches
       I believe both have 8086 cards with 256K, too. One is black.
One has an occasional video problem, the other is pretty solid, as I
recall. Both have dual drives, probably 720Ks. I don't have much
software, but people on the list do. Powered up recently.

    3 to 5 Sinclair ZX-81s
       Cute little machines. I don't know what I have in the way of
accessories. A couple were powered up. Probably a cassette drive in
there. Seems like I have a printer adapter for one, although maybe
that's for the C-64, don't remember.

    Commodore 64
       C-64 with a handful of accessories, carts, etc? At least one
disk drive, maybe 2. Joysticks. Some other stuff.

       Maybe. I thought I bought one, it's likely in one of the bins.

    3 daisy wheel 14" wide printers
       At least one Qume or Diable, the other look like knockoffs. All
have tractors for them.

    Hard disk
       5.25" hard drive. Size unknown, 10MB? This was with one of the
S-100 systems, dunno which one. Part of the recently acquired lot.

    Assorted anything's that go with all this stuff. Basically, if it's
vintage, and it's not 1802 based, it's yours with the deal. This stuff
is in boxes and scattered amongst 5 or 6 18 gallon bins. There's about
10 6" thick notebooks of paperwork. I haven't had a chance to go
through it.

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