Looking for a device programmer that doesn't require Weendoze

From: Dave Mabry <dmabry_at_mich.com>
Date: Sat Mar 20 18:18:01 2004

I don't know all the devices that it will program, but the EMP-20 from
Needhams runs under DOS. I've used it for many types of EPROMS and it
comes standard with adapter cards that configure it for EPROMS. But it
may have additional adapters for the devices you need.

It is a discontinued model, but I have one to sell if it does what you
want and you'd like it. E-mail me privately if interested.

Michael Sokolov wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can get a device (EPROM, flash, etc) programmer that
> doesn't require Weendoze? I can use any OS in the Universe (UNIX, Linux, DOS,
> etc) except Weendoze, and I need a device programmer that can program a
> reasonable set of devices. My most immediate need is to program 3.3V flash
> devices in PLCC32 package. Needham's Electronics has nice programmers for a
> reasonable price, but they all have "Weendoze required" in the fine print. I
> once had a chance to borrow a BP Microsystems BP-1200 and it worked with my DOS
> machine (using the original IBM PC/AT unidirectional parallel/serial port card
> no less!). I called BP Micro and asked them about their current offerings.
> They offered me their cheapest current programmer, BP-1400 and told me that if
> BP-1200 worked on my machine then BP-1400 would work too. Then I asked for the
> price. They told me that the cheapest 84 pins max version of BP-1400, their
> cheapest product, sells for $2000. Add another few hundred for the PLCC32
> socket module, or another $1000+ if I want a generic PLCC module for more than
> one pin count. Is there anything cheaper available for non-Weendoze users?
> MS

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