installing 2.11 BSD

From: Charles H. Dickman <>
Date: Sun Mar 21 14:17:48 2004

Zane H. Healy wrote:

>>I just obtained a 50 pin SCSI drive for my 11/83, so now I'm ready to go!

>>Any suggestions?
>Here is a THEORY, that I haven't had time to test. Put the disk on a system
>that runs SIMH or E11, 'dd' it to a disk file. Use that disk file as the HD
>image that you install the OS on using either SIMH or E11. Then 'dd' the
>disk file back to the HD, install the HD in your PDP-11/83, and boot.
>Please note this is a THEORY that a couple of us have discussed for other
>PDP-11 OS's that no one to my knowledge has had the time to try, but there
>is a good chance it will work (though Unix might be a bit more picky).
> Zane
It does work. I used that method with simh to create a set of 9-track
installation tapes for 2.11BSD on a pdp-11/73. At the time, I don't
think MSCP was supported by simh so I used maybe an RP07 in simh to hold
the system. I 'dd'ed the image directly to the SCSI disk after making
sure there was a kernel that could handle MSCP. I booted the standalone
system from an RX50 on the real hardware and then started unix from the
SCSI drive. I then wrote the tapes and restarted the installation from
new tapes.

Now that simh supports MSCP, TMSCP, and ethernet, it would probably be
faster to generate the system on simh completely, including 'localizing'
for networking and your hardware, than to do it on the real machine...
But then that wouldn't be nearly as much fun...

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