Ebay categories (was: Seriously big iron on Ebay)

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Sun Mar 21 16:42:59 2004

> IBM ES/9000 with peripherals:

To the poster who earlier had complained about eBay's
categories having been messed up, notice here. The Category is:

   Computers & Networking
> Networking
> Mainframe, DEC, VAX, AS/400
> DEC, Digital Equipment Corp

1./ This attempts to say that larger computers are in fact networking
      equipment, since they are not PC's.
2./ Many listers therein (if you look) seem to like saying that IBM
      AS400's and other equipment qualify as "DEC" equipment.

Both pretty bad. Guess that makes your point.
VCM starting to look better and better...

John A.
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