Looking for a device programmer that doesn't require Weendoze

From: Peter C. Wallace <pcw_at_mesanet.com>
Date: Sun Mar 21 17:11:17 2004

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, Tony Duell wrote:

> > What parts do not have published programming algorithms? I you are buying your
> I have yet to find a reasomably complex PLD (that is something more than
> one of the ispGALs) that is 100% documented. That is to say that you can
> go from logic equations to chip without any proprietary software, either
> the logic compiler or the programming software.
> I would love to be wrong about this -- if anyone knows of such a device,
> let me know, please!
> > own parts, just avoid chips or manufacturers that don't provide this
> > information.
> I do....
> -tony

Programming is what I was talking about, the tools for generating config files
for complex FPGAs and CPLDs is another subject altogether, though it would
probably not be too difficult to do a few basic configurations and reverse
engineer the internal architecture from the JEDEC or SVF file for a 9500
series CPLD for example...

Peter Wallace
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