Them blasted hard drives...

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Mon Mar 22 17:53:34 2004

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          "Jim Donoghue" <> wrote:

> I did that with the hard drive in the voice mail PC once. The software was
> an obsolete DOS program, and the phone guys couldn't reinstall it. So, I
> put the hard drive outside for a while (it was 30F outside), and it lasted
> just long enough to copy the files from it.
I hope you backed up the software after you'd finished copying it off the
stuffed up drive :)
Anyway, the drive I've got here is about five years old - I got it in
September 1999, so it doesn't exactly owe me anything. Now I just need to
install a few security patches onto the router, then open up a few ports on
the firewall. Fun!

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