More on my flickering DEC monitor

From: Witchy <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 11:34:05 2004

Hi folks,

I think I posted this on here first but I'm not sure :)

Anyway, (slight OT drift here) my '97 vintage 21" PCXAV monitor (the one
with the paper-white case & trinitron screen) has decided to start
flickering and dimming itself. Lee's already given me a couple of pointers
but I thought I'd ask here too in case he's not about.

I've got the PSU here and there's a couple of things on there that make me

The middle 2 are the front and back of the same components on the board.
Should I be worried that so much solder is escaping/has escaped from the
joints? Also the soldering in 'solder.jpg' looks decidedly iffy. I haven't
checked the resistors yet to see if they've it normal for them
to get so hot they burn the board?

Probably more pix to come when I get the logic board out :oD


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