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Date: Tue Mar 23 12:25:23 2004

Scott, I am a longtime member of MWFOG - FOG#12 - Though our name has
changed, now, to the Central Iowa Computer User Group, we have an almost complete
set of the FOG CP/M disks. It might take me a week or two, or longer to
get through these but I'll try to get them copied, zipped, and emailed to you.
 I'll try to get you #35 first, but will try to get you all of them over
time. Or perhaps, I could get them burned on a CD???? Not sure about this.
I'm not near the expert, that most on the list are!

BTW, I have so many involvements you might have to reach out with a brick bat
to keep me on top of this! Please feel free to use, gently.

BTW, we have a computer recycling project in our computer user group. ROCK -
Recycling Old Computers Kindly. We have quite a number of old things that
we have scrapped and sent to recycling hell. Maybe ought to let folk in here
have crack at some of them....

We have things like ESDI drives, a number of HP 9000's of a couple
varieties, lots of old MFM drives, as well as smaller IDE drives. CGA monitors, mono
monitors, video cards, lots of cables, etc, etc, etc, Since we do have to
pay rent for our recycling project we would need a small donation plus shipping
costs for most of these items. Some of the newer items like the HP's, or the
scarce items llike the CGA monitors we might want a bit more.

If anyone is interested in other stuff, let me know, we have number of
companies donating to us and might stumble across a bunch of older items. No we do
not major in big iron.

To find out more about CIACUG and the ROCK project visit

Dan or
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