More on my flickering DEC monitor

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Date: Tue Mar 23 13:15:54 2004

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> >Probably more pix to come when I get the logic board out :oD
> I had mine partly open late last year/early this year to
> replace the little fuse. That's what blew in mine after it
> had been doing a "crack-disappear-reappear-instantly"
> cycle a few times a day for a week or so. Since swapping the
> fuse it's been fine.
> I don't recall mine having any obvious burns anywhere, but it
> was only open long enough to locate the fuse and then swap it.

Hmm, no blown fuses here and it'd been behaving badly for a few weeks before
I swapped it for a Compaq S910....

I've been over the back of the logic board with the soldering iron to remake
the joints on the lop/flyback transformer and all the caps etc so I'll do
the same for the PSU board and we'll see what happens once it's all back
together. Hopefully the magic smoke will stay intact......

(I don't like working on monitors too much!)


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