Bloody newbies

From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 13:13:53 2004

> ALL early macs have the development team's signatures inside the case.
> Jobs is among those, but I do not believe Woz's is there (I'm not 100%
> sure).

Yeah, they neglect to point out the signatures are molded
into the injection-molded plastic; what do they picture,
the development team standing along side the assembly lines,
pen in hand, month after month?

(My signature, along with many others, is in the Mac SE and/or
Mac II case; I worked on the timer manager (!) and the %1
key what pops out the floppy. Quite an accomplishment, eh? :-)
(OS-ROM group) I worked for Apple for 9 months; I hated it there,
sorry to say. I'm not cut out for large businesses.)

(One of those two machines had enough extra ROM space there's
a group photo in there, I'm sure my head gets 4 - 6 pixels in
the back row.)
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