From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Tue Mar 23 17:49:43 2004

Michael Sokolov wrote:

> My new VAX will be completely open source hardware: I'll open-source the Verilog
> code. There will be no problem with fabbing it right there on Mars.

Umm I can live with verlog!
** Scratches head *** How did you get to Mars so quick?

> I'm sorry to inform you, but your title to that land is invalid. The same goes
> for everyone selling and buying land on Moon and Mars. That land belongs to the
> Galactic Federation. The Federation will give that land for free to any
> refugees from Earth fleeing from capitalism and seeking to live a completely
> egalitarian society without money or property, but if you start claiming
> property, we won't respect your claims any more than we respected the feudal
> landlords of czarist Russia we overthrew in 1917.

I tend to favor the idea that humanity made a wrong turn somewhere about
the breakup of the last ice Age. Mars is our last chance to get the
system right.

> MS
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