More on my flickering DEC monitor

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 19:12:18 2004

>>>>> "jpero" == jpero <> writes:

>> The brown gunk looks like flux (rosin) that wasn't cleaned off.
>> The solder joints have more solder on them than they should, but
>> not so much that you'd get solder bridges as far as I can see.
>> Excess flux can cause corrosion and leakage current, but I don't
>> see corrosion here and some leakage is not all that likely to be
>> an issue for a power circuit such as this.

 jpero> I'm curious what a leakage and corrsion looks like with flux
 jpero> left on the circuit board?

Corrosion would look green typically.

Leakage: I had a circuit that was flaky until I washed it better.
That was water soluble flux, probably more conductive than classic
rosin flux.

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