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From: Dave Dunfield <>
Date: Tue Mar 23 20:45:43 2004

>On Tue, 2004-03-23 at 10:42, Dave Dunfield wrote:
>> >My Apple II clones website is live now, if anyone wants to take a look.
>> >
>> >
>> I did a package on my Franklin Ace 100 earlier this year, which consists of
>> lots of detailed photos (inside and out) including Franklin labled Monitor and
>> Disk drive, scan of the manual (if you haven't seen the FA100 manual - it's
>> an interesting read), as well as other reference documentation. I also included
>> a Franklin Simulator (which is really just an Apple2 simulator with the Ace100
>> ROM image) - You are welcome to this material if you want it for your site.
>Yeah, that would be great! That's exactly the kind of stuff that I would
>like to add to the site. You can email the stuff to me, or I could
>download it... or, you could log onto the site and upload it. What ever
>is easiest for you. Thanks for the offer.

I'm located out in the country with only dial-up access, and the Franklin "package"
is over 100 megs - I'll try to arrange to have it placed somewhere where you can
grab it, otherwise, I can just send you a CD. I could trim the package a fair bit
if necessary - I've got a fair number of reference books and other material scanned
that you couldn't legitimately post on a web site anyway.

>> Btw, are you aware of any Unitron models in a single-piece case (not separate
>> keyboard) with the numeric pad? I've got one which I'm trying to identify,
>> however my searches have turned up either machines without the numeric pad,
>> or machines with separate keyboard. - Ever seen one like this?
>No, I haven't seen or heard of one like that. I've only seen the ones
>that are on the site, which don't have the numeric pad.
>Pictures of your Unitron would be great for the site too, if you
>wouldn't mind.

Sure, I can include some - I have them on file already.
I'll contact you via email when I have something in place that you can

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