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Date: Wed Mar 24 03:31:01 2004

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> Subject: New apple II clones website
> My Apple II clones website is live now, if anyone wants to
> take a look.
> The image module that I'm using is limited to what you see,
> but I'm hoping that a friend of mine, who knows a lot about
> PHP programming, will be able to help me design a better way
> to display the images.

Nice! I'm uber-jealous that you've got a Microprofessor-II as well - I've
got the external keyboard for it but that's me lot. I see you've gone down
the same route as me for picture displaying - tables. I tried all sorts of
ways getting the format right using just CSS but it's not to be yet,
particularly if you want full cross-browser compatibility.

The only thing I can suggest is make the menus on the left have a smaller
font, then you can get more images in on the right - I'm using 1600x1200 and
the menus seem large even at that resolution :)


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