Computer Replica's

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Wed Mar 24 22:38:53 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 20:45, ben franchuk wrote:
> David V. Corbin wrote:
> > Actually there are a number of us interested in Low power Schottky
> > versions of of CPUs <grin>
> So lets have your vote for what replica's of old computers
> that need to reconstructed at a functional level -- blinking
> lights, mechanical I/O but it need not be the same hardware
> level.

I'd second Zane's vote for a PDP-10, and an S/360 / S/370 might be nice,
but I think a 7094 would be a bit cooler.. er... more fun. Hmm, those
are both 36-bit machines.

A DG Nova replica might be interesting, but what might be even better is
a CDC 6600. Ooh, that would be fun. Hey Tom, any chance of getting
enough specs off that operators console you've got to build a new one?

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