Moved my collection

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 07:41:51 2004

Guy wrote...
> > I ran out of space and ended up moving my collection. Here's
> > a web page on it's new home:
> >
> >
> > Let me know what ya'll think.
> I think I've got off lightly by collecting home micros :oD
> I'd love a space that big to set the museum up in!

Awesome!!! I'm sooooo Jealous!!! You need to hire a caretaker/curator for
that museum. Ew Ew Ew Mr. Kottairrrr! Ew Ew Pick Me Pick Me!

Seriously... if there is anyone in the St. Louis area who would like to go
in on a building like that, I'd be all for it and chip in half. I just can't
continue collecting the way I am and keep stuff at home. Besides, I want to
turn it into a public museum. C'mon, I know there's a few large collectors
in St. Louis. Retirement for me isn't too far away... :)


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