Computer Replica's

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 08:27:16 2004

>>>>> "ben" == ben franchuk <> writes:

 ben> David V. Corbin wrote:
>> Actually there are a number of us interested in Low power Schottky
>> versions of of CPUs <grin>

 ben> So lets have your vote for what replica's of old computers that
 ben> need to reconstructed at a functional level -- blinking lights,
 ben> mechanical I/O but it need not be the same hardware level.

 ben> We have 1 vote for a VAX. I give 1 vote for a unamed 10/20 bit
 ben> homebrew CPU. (Grumble all the good names have been taken) Ben.

If you want a good challenge, how about a CDC 6600? That's a lovely

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