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Date: Thu Mar 25 10:24:40 2004

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Subject: Moved my collection

> I ran out of space and ended up moving my collection. Here's a web page
> on it's new home:
> Let me know what ya'll think.
Your setup really makes me envious. I haven't investigated retail space,
only the rental 'boxes' that are all around Toronto.
The storage problem for most of us who use our basements, is that there
often isn't a whole lot of room left for testing/playing with/repairing etc.
I had to build a sled for my Hyperion stuff just to be able to get to the
back without unstacking and restacking all the boxes and hardware. I have
one complete wall of three monitor deep shelving but trying to find
something in that mess is a trial.

Are there any brilliant ideas out there for basement/home storage? I have a
10 by 10 vinyl shed outside but I didn't want to put the computers out there
due to the temp and moisture. Out went my power tools and wood so now the
basement is totally computers/gaming equipment. Maybe if anyone has pics of
their storage solution it might be helpful to the group.


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