Documentation request...

From: Gene Buckle <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 11:46:06 2004

> > I'm currently trying to find documentation on an Apple ][ BBS program
> > called GBBS Pro. Specifically, I'm after documentation that describes the
> > "&" commands used by the assembly language driver as well as a list of
> > what the CALL entry points do.
> Hey Gene.
> As far as I know, GBBS was always a compiled form of BASIC (ACOS). Unless
> this is a much earlier version (it sounds like it) in which case I don't
> have any of that...just later versions.
> I found this but it's irrelevant to you:

Yes, the version I'm after is pre-ACOS. The sad thing about the docs on
Jason's site is they're corrupted just before the section I needed.

Does your ACOS era info have any mention at all of the & commands?


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