Is anyone familar with HP-IB disk drives made by IEM?

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 12:31:26 2004

  I went by a surplus store today and found two interesting disk drives
made by IEM of Ft. Collins, Co. The first drive is a Series 5300 (model
5365) and appears to be an MO drive. It has a HP-IB interface.

  The second drive is a series 6000 (model 6050). It has four drive
indicator lights on the front so it may have four fixed drives in it.
There's also an LCD display on the front and three buttons labeled "Prev",
"Select", "Next". It appears to have both a HP-IB interface and a SCSI

  Does anyone know anything about these drives or what media the first one
uses or what the dip switchs on them do? I searched the net for IEM and
found plenty of references to them but the link to their site is dead. The
links referred to them as a thrid party supplier of HP drives but didn't
give any details.

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