replacing +15v regulator on BA-11?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Mar 25 17:27:19 2004

> (there are days when I think I should have either been a building super
> or a DEC field service tech :-)

I know I shouldn't have been a failed servoid, because I actually believe
in diagnosing the fault then doing component level repair, not just
swapping modules until it appears to go away...

> >The circuit is really simple, and repairing it shouldn't take that long!
> >I assume you have prints.
> I do have prints (from bitsavers - what a marvelous resource)
> I discovered the BA-11K prints also have schematics for the various
> regulator modules. Very handy.

YEs, the CPU printsets generally incldued the PSU modules as well (and
sometimes memory, teletype interface (DL11) and so on).

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