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From: Andrew Prince <freddyboomboom_at_comcast.net>
Date: Fri Mar 26 07:46:26 2004

On Thu, 2004-03-25 at 20:55, Michael Sokolov wrote:

> * Were DLTs indeed made in Colorado Springs? DEC's tape business went to
> Quantum, didn't it? Did it go through Compaq or straight to Quantum from DEC?
> Does Quantum still own it? Or did HP snarf it from Quantum? I once visited
> Quantum in 2002 for a job interview (they were looking for someone to write
> firmware for a RAID array to emulate a tape library) and that was in Irvine, CA
> on the UCI campus. Is it just the headquarters, with actual DLT tape drive
> manufacturing in Colorado Springs?
> * If it is indeed in Colorado Springs, does anyone have any more information on
> that ex-DEC facility? Does anyone know of any government/CSS work done there?

DLT's were in fact made in Colorado Springs. All the ones with a CX as
the first two letters in the serial number were made in Colorado

Quantum bought the DLT tech straight from DEC years before Compaq bought

Quantum still owns it. The SDLT line is directly descended from DEC

HP is making LTO drives, which are unrelated to DLT.

What you were interviewing for became the DX-30 and DX-100 series of
"Enhanced Backup Solution" products. See www.quantum.com for more info.
The Irvine facility was originally ATL Products, bought by Quantum and
became Quantum/ATL, then Quantum made it a division and called it the
Data Protection Division, then Storage Solutions Group, and now Storage

Quantum's headquarters was in Milpitas for a number of years, but was
recently moved to San Jose.

The ex-DEC Colorado Springs facility is still owned and operated by
Quantum. I know of no government work done there, in the past or

Quantum does sell and service tape drives and tape libraries to various
government agencies, as well as other companies.

All DLT and SDLT drives are manufactured by Quantum (except when they
were made by DEC). If it says it's a Compaq, or Dell, or Sun, or
whoever, it was still made by Quantum.

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