HP3000 interest?

From: Al Kossow <aek_at_spies.com>
Date: Fri Mar 26 21:53:29 2004

Did you have a
choice of different OS's on the same hardware? And more importantly, did any
of the 3000's have blinkenlights? :)

Frank will probably give a much better description when he sees this, but
the 3000s built in the 70's had pretty impressive maintenance panels (I 
know Frank has one of them..)
MPE was (is) the only operating system. Languages included BASIC, APL, FORTRAN
PASCAL and SPL. There was no assembler. It is a stack machine ala B5xxx series.
I have been scanning a LOT of 3000 material (mostly through the Series III) and
I'm trying to locate distribution tapes from these machines up through MPE IV
(early 80's)
>From what I have found so far, there was a lot of documenation from these early
3000s saved, but none of the old software distributions.
I'll see about getting some docs/pictures up on bitsavers, which is pretty light
on 3000 material right now.
also, bitsavers moved yesterday to a new machine/ip adr which should be transparent
to everybody.
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