HP3000 interest?

From: ed sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Sat Mar 27 01:18:46 2004

early tape drives were in racks the later one you speak of was in a table
sorta roll around cab....
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> Quothe Jay West, from writings of Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 09:18:17PM -0600:
> > I think I may have heard someone mention, perhaps in private email, that
> > HP3000 was a popular replacement for HP2000 TimeShared BASIC systems. Is
> > this true? Did it have multiuser BASIC? Any other languages? Did you
have a
> The HP 3000 Series III that I worked with years ago ran HP's MPE-IV OS,
> and the programs for it were written in COBOL.
> > choice of different OS's on the same hardware? And more importantly, did
> > of the 3000's have blinkenlights? :) I know nothing about the 3000
> Yes, it was a beautiful machine in a rack about five or six feet wide,
> complete with blinkenlights; to look at it one could tell that a
> company such as what HP once was, manufacured it---it's appearance
> gave one the impression of solid reliability---not Fiorinaesque
> Flimsiness (TM). The disk drives for it used removable disk packs, in
> a disk farm consisting of many nearly washing-machine-sized chasis and
> the mag tape drives were mounted horizontally, built into large
> slanted tables.
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