256k x 4 Re: finding old RAM

From: Teo Zenios <teoz_at_neo.rr.com>
Date: Sun Mar 28 07:09:28 2004

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> > > Desoldering ram chips is more effort then its worth.
> That depends on the RAM chips, how rare they are, and how much you need
> them.
> >
> > The old days of recovering tons of 64kx1 or 256Kx1 chips that way are
> > long gone, though.
> Why? Because you can't find boards full of them any more, or because such
> boards are actually useful complete (this certainly applies to some
> Unibux memory boards, S100 boards, PERQ memory boards, etc). Or because
> you can't find a use for 4164s or 41256s? (I certainly can!)
> -tony

>From what I have seen boards of the vintage that would have the chips I am
looking for (256kx4) are either in somebody's parts bin (which is why I
asked here) already or have been scrapped a while ago. Most of these chips
haven't been used since the early 90's making them at least 10 years old.

Some other oddball chips I am looking for are 256kx8 VRAM 70ns SOJ for my
old matrox vlb card (most boards use higher density vram chips).

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