Computer Replica's

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Sun Mar 28 13:04:09 2004

Guy Sotomayor wrote:

> OK, how about an IBM 1130? The mechanicals shouldn't be hard (basically
> a desk with a terminal embedded in it). There should be some software.
> And oh yea, it uses a cartridge pack drive (which I think is compatible
> with the DEC RK05 and one of the HP drives).

Lets not forget the terminal used a ODD character set. I don't think that
Selectric Ball is easy to come by. Years ago I had the console
typewriter of a IBM1130 hoping to use it as a printer, but I distroyed
it by running open loop rather than closed loop. Very sensitive timing
for CR's and LF's.
And No I don't have it any more, since I moved to many times.
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